The new book by Stefano Boeri, published by Editori Laterza.

Looking from above Italy appears as a maculated body, a landscape with blurry spots and borders. Its ancient geographical features have been retouched by a liquid grain of urban matter, which has step over mountains, has invaded flat lands and has filled valleys. The Anti-city is generated by a molecular energy. It deletes borders between the city and the countryside, it writes the differences between center and suburb off and it fragments the urban society. The Anti-city is expanding everywhere, it transforms dramatically an inherited territory. This book helps us to understand a powerful political and social phenomenon, which concerns everyone. Because, if we like it or not, the Anti-city is us.

It collects and reedits a series of articles and essays written by Stefano Boeri in the last ten years, which have been published in national and international magazines, books and newspaper.